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SiteWorks has the experience and equipment to complete your next project.

We strive to be flexible and diligent in executing our work. This allows us to keep projects on time while working closely with other contractors on the same site.

(605) 610-3344

SiteWorks employees standing with a recently connected large pipe

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Our construction expertise ensures the design and installation of efficient and durable sanitary sewer systems that adhere to local regulations and promote environmental sustainability.

Large water main that will be buried

Water Main Systems

Our construction company specializes in planning and constructing reliable water main systems that ensure a steady and safe water supply. With focus on high-quality materials and advanced engineering, we create water main systems that withstand the test of time and optimize water distribution.

Large concrete drainage project

Storm Systems and Drainage

Our expertise lies in designing and implementing stormwater systems that efficiently collect, convey and manage rainwater runoff. Through carefully planned drainage solutions, we mitigate the risk while contributing to the overall environmental health of the region.

Crane shot of street water and sewer project on a local neighborhood

New Street Utilities

Our construction company excels in coordinating and installing the essential utility services required by modern communities. We ensure seamless integration while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the street environment. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that new street utilities are implemented to the highest standard.

Crane shot of SiteWorks employees working on a pipe

Trunk Sewer

SiteWorks focuses on the installation, repair, and replacement of sewer infrastructure. This includes laying large diameter sewer in the roughest of conditions.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Regional Heavy Haul Trucking

We use our semis to haul heavy equipment to our project sites. However, we also offer our services to our customers within the region. Let us be the solution to your hauling needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wastewater (Sanitary Sewer)?

Wastewater or sewage is the byproduct of many uses of water such as showering, dishwashing, laundry and also flushing the toilet. After the water has been used, it enters the household’s wastewater pipeline and after it connects to the main wastewater pipeline, the wastewater flows to the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

How can I prevent sewer backup in my home?

You can avoid a backup by NOT putting any fats, oils, or grease down the drain and ensure that no objects other than toilet paper and human waste are being flushed down toilets. You may also want to contact a professional to assess your pipeline and drains. They can install backflow prevention devices, clean out existing pipes, and video your sewage pipeline all the way to where it connects to the city’s main sewage pipeline.

What if I have a sewer odor in my home?

Run fresh water in all sinks to fill traps inside the house as they may have dried out. If this does not cure the problem, check the toilets and make sure they are firmly attached to the floor. The wax seal around the toilet may be compromised. If this does not resolve your issue, call a professional immediately. Sewer gas may be harmful if breathed over a period of time
SiteWorks lifting part of a concrete drainage piece into a trench


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All of the team members have been easy to work with. They work diligently and their communication is phenomenal. SiteWorks creates a positive work environment for everyone. It has been a pleasure working with them throughout this project.

Josh Thier
On-site Inspector

It is a pleasure working with Siteworks. Their crews get the work done quickly and correctly. The crews and office staff are also very responsive when we contact them and are willing to do whatever we ask them to do.

Jason Vest
Project Manager/Estimator